Hi, I’m Danielle Baldwin

Coach, Facilitator, Writer.

I help CEOs, business owners, executives, and creatives. A motley crew right?

Not as much as you’d think. Creativity, discipline, and communication drive success in each of these roles.

Here are my universal truths:  I believe in great joy. I believe in dreaming beyond what’s possible. I believe in stillness and in growth. I believe in being wildly curious and in work-life balance. I believe in taking the leap. I believe in failure.

I also believe in the power of groups. It’s crazy how 16 brains, all laser-focused on solving a problem, are better than just one or two. I believe in the diversity of thought from a room full of people. In building bridges and connections and growing a root system to support each member as they grow.

My job is to make you feel safe and uncomfortable at the same time whether facilitating a group meeting or working with you one on one. To push you while supporting you. To constantly question your answers. To throw the occasional word axe.

So if you’re ready to get on the path to change the directory of your company, of your career, or your creative project, give me a shout.