I am passionate about helping people and businesses tell their stories. Our personal stories help us connect to our families, customers, business partners, and communities. And a compelling brand narrative creates loyal customers who want both not just your product or service but the experience it offers.

My goal as a leadership coach is to help people become the best version of themselves and tell their story. Powerful connections can be made with your ideal customers when you are able to weave your company’s values, background, and mission throughout your marketing and communications.

My specialty is working with business owners who have an idea or a product and who need guidance concerning their next step. My core service is in developing a solid go-to-market strategy that makes sense and provides the highest ROI. Through my writing and consulting practice, as well as my coaching and facilitation with Vistage, I help business owners to grow in their roles, conceptualize new solutions, explore new territory, and do so confidently. The leaders I work with experience a renewed sense of purpose, creativity, and realization as they move away from old patterns and embrace transformation.

As a female GenXer, I bring a unique perspective based on my experiences with the challenges of growing a company in today’s hectic and high-tech business climate, and building bridges between the baby boomers and the millennials in the workplace. I help small business owners connect and grow through group and individual coaching sessions where discussions are held in an environment of trust and confidence.

One of my favorite ways to help business owners is by bringing people together. Partnerships broaden your circle of influence as well as serving as conduits to new opportunities. If you are one of those exceptional people who has the drive and ambition to take your business to new heights, tell me your story, and let’s get started.